Schedule in PHP: Operations with datetime

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Complete HTML5 Concentration game made with PIXI.js 3

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Apps & Web

From iPotaje we create and design webs and mobile apps.

We like to programming in Javascript and PHP.

We adapt us to all needs and budgets, doing installs as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Multi-device Design

All of us know the importance to adapt the web to the mobile (smartphone: Iphone, Galaxy, …) or the tablet (iPad, Galaxy Note, …).

Actually the mobile or the tablet is more used than desktop to web browsing.

Are you sure that your web page is seeing correctly in a mobile or a tablet?

Are you still using Flash animations?

Photography & Design

We like photography, and we know the importance of the image.

We make photos from outdoor, indoor and events.

The design is esencial, it is a fundamental part of what a client perceive about our firm.

We design logos, banners, document templates, etc. Every digital visual support.


We do a lot of things more than programming and web design:

  • Great experiences in classroom training and e-learning in related subjects like tourism and ICT
  • Start up of distance learning environments (LMS Moodle)
  • Corporate designs (Branding)
  • Consultancy
  • Custom development